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MARCO POLO Reiseführer Dresden, englisch
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Insider Tips and much more besides: MARCO POLO enables you to fully experience Saxony's 'Florence on the Elbe', from early till late. With this MARCO POLO guide you'll arrive in the city and know immediately where to start. Discover what other attractions there are apart from the Zwinger and the Semper Opera House; where you can listen to the stories from the Arabian Nights under a magical glass dome in the alluring atmosphere of the 'tobacco mosque'; and what the rebuilt Frauenkirche owes to the son of a British bomber pilot. With the MARCO POLO Walking Tours you can explore Dresden along specific routes, and the Low Budget tips help you to save money. The author's Insider Tips encourage you to experience the city in an individual and authentic way. Each title contains a clear street or road atlas as well as a folding pull-out map, on which the Walking Tours are of course also marked.Explore Hamburg with all its many facets. This compact, straightforward and clearly structured MARCO POLO guide gets you right to the heart of the city, and provides you with all the latest information and lots of Insider Tips for a thrilling city adventure.o THE BEST MARCO POLO HIGHLIGHTS o THE BEST INSIDER TIPS o BEST OF # o INTRODUCTION o WHAT'S HOT o IN A NUTSHELL o THE PERFECT DAY o SIGHTSEEING o FOOD & DRINK o SHOPPING o ENTERTAINMENT o WHERE TO STAY o SAXON SWITZERLAND o WALKING TOURS o TRAVEL WITH KIDS o FESTIVAL & EVENTS o LINKS, BLOGS, APPS & MORE o TRAVEL TIPS o USEFUL PHRASES o STREET ATLAS o INDEX & CREDITS o DOS & DON'TS!Angela Stuhrberg studied architecture in Dresden before she decided to take up a different kind of pen. She now works as a freelance journalist and author for radio networks, newspapers, publishers and the Dresden city magazine SAX. Originally from Brandenburg, she has lived for 30 years in Dresden. She knows every corner of her adoptive city, which she praises as one of the most beautiful locations in Germany and one of the best places to live.o including Insider Tips o street atlas and additional pull-out map o clear, user-friendly structure and layout o get your bearings with the most important 'Highlights', the 'Where to Start' panels and the 'Best Of' pages featuring unique aspects of the city and, depending on your mood, places to go for free, tips for things to do when it's raining and good places to relaxDE

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